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How we manage your safety

Blazing Boost Protect Policy

Good job! You are 100% safe!

Good job! You are 100% safe!


If you want to be even compiling with the WoW ToS make a trade of gold with your booster. Boosting for golds its even allowed by the ToS.

We let you choose between alternative protection methods
Very high risk? We don't sell it.

Very high risk? We don't sell it.

Small risk? We inform you and advise Selfplay.

Small risk? We inform you and advise Selfplay.

No risk? You are good to go, but we still protect you with softwares that no one has.

No risk? You are good to go, but we still protect you with softwares that no one has.

Ban protection

Ban Protection:

We guarantee to be transparent with you, as your safety is a priority for Blazingboost.

First of all, we encourage and promote safe services such as Selfplays in order to comply with Blizzard's ToS as much as possible.

Moreover, If we are aware of any risks, we will be proactive and inform you beforehand. Our website is designed around honesty - we do not sell high risk services or clearly inform you if there is a chance of being caught.

Prices policy

General Policy

We chose to take additional focus into our prices. We want to be the only place where every customer would like to purchase any WoW service, maintaining customer satisfaction and the best protection. It would be easy to abuse bots / hacks / cheats and offer lower prices, but that’s not the way we do business. We value every single customer as a lifetime customer. Your account and your satisfaction are the biggest priority for us.

Accounts / Characters

Thanks to our policies and prices, we guarantee characters and accounts for a lifetime; if anything goes wrong, even if beyond our control, we will always compensate you with another one for free at OUR cost. Your satisfaction is our primary priority.

PVP prices

We decided to be as competitive as possible with prices while guaranteeing you top protection and quality in the market. Wintrading, hacking or abusing bugs WILL get you banned at some point - this is why we will never use cheap boosting methods. The best example of our business mindset is Safecarry.

Moreover, prices are regularly updated according to the inflation and deflation of ratings during the season. If you find a price that is not clear to you, we can discuss it together.

Raids Runs Prices

Prices will be updated week after week. The easier a content gets, the cheaper it will get. No service will be forgotten.


Throughout the years, we were able to build a real dream team regarding any farming service. No bots - cheap prices - very fast delivery. As our farmers gain expertise with the farming services, the price goes down!

Gold policy

Gold policy:

When possible, we strongly suggest you to trade some gold to our boosters. Blizzard allows boosting for in-game gold, and we want to respect their Terms as much as possible. This will make your boost even safer!

Discount system

Whatever you pay on our website gives you a discount for the future. Blazing Points are usable on any service we sell and they last forever. We use them to thank our loyal customers for entrusting our services and they are a perfectly flexible tool for compensations. We are here for you!

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