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What is Artifact Power?

Since the Legion expansion, the best weapons for your Hero are Artifact Weapons. No other weapon can hope to match Artifact Weapons. Artifact Power is a way to make your Artifact Weapon even stronger. Artifact Power is not a currency, but a form of experience that is linked to an individual Artifact Weapon. Once you have gained enough Artifact Power you get Artifact Trait points that can be used to improve your Artifact weapons. Artifact Power is vital for you to access end game content. Increasing your Artifact's power will unlock specific talents for your character as well as increase its overall healing and damage per second, and stamina. You really can not miss out on a highly powerful Artifact Weapon if you wish to fully enjoy World of Warcraft in this expansion. The farming of Artifact Power can be extremely tedious and we are here to help you out with crazy speed and efficiency.

How do you get Artifact Power?

Generally speaking, you can win Artifact Power through anything you do in the game: Quests, World Quests, Emissary Quests, Treasures, Dungeons (Heroic / Normal / Mythic / Mythic+), Raids, Arenas, Battlegrounds, Skirmishes, World Bosses and everything else. Through time, we have carefully picked the quickest ways to farm Artifact Power. Our boosters also have their own preferences and they will complete your farming boost through the way they consider most efficient. One of them may play Arenas, another might only complete dungeons. However, this is not your concern! It's our problem to deliver the Artifact Power in the Estimated Time. However, keep in mind the speed of the boost will greatly depend on your Artifact Knowledge Level.

How do you get your Artifact Weapon?

The first thing to bear in mind when thinking about your Artifact Weapon is that you need to be at least level 98 to get your first Artifact Weapon. You will get your first artifact weapon through an introductory questline. The way the quest goes is that it forces you to interact with many major lore figures. A big part of the Legion expansion is lore exploration, and the Artifacts are a huge part of that. There will, of course, be some kind of fighting involved in the questline. The cool thing is that the quests will be particularly attuned to your class and spec. For example, for Survival Hunters there are many traps, while Assassination Rogues need to be stealthed for parts of it. At most stages of the questline you have to your Class Order Hall and you get to learn about your Artifact and the Order Hall Missions table.

Wowhead has videos of many of the weapon questlines on its YouTube channel.

You can have more than one Artifact Weapon if you want, once you are at least level 102. You can get as many Artifact Weapons as your class allows. Every spec has got its specific Artifact Weapon! Every character can therefore have up to 3 Artifact Weapons. Druids on the other hand can have up to 4 Artifact Weapons due to the Guardian / Feral spec. Obtaining these happen the same way as getting your first Artifact Weapon except the questline will be modified to correspond to the concerned specialization.

However, remember you can't destroy an Artifact Weapon. very careful about this! Once you have an artifact weapon you cannot get rid of it and it will take up a bag slot.

How does my weapon empowerment work?

Every Artifact Weapon has got 34 levels / traits, just to start with, that simply work like Talents, that you can get with the right amount of Artifact Power. The first 34 traits will specifically empower some of your spells and abilities. After those 34 levels, another 24 become available which will increase your overall Healing / DPS / Health pool. 7.2 is Blizzard's patch is adding more and more talents and features to your Artifact Weapon, which you will have to unlock through a Broken Shore questline. Once you have reached 52 Artifact Traits, you can work your way through the Concordance trait, which will give you a proc increasing your Intellect / Strength / Agility.

What are relics? And what is the 3rd Relic Slot?

Artifact Weapons can be slotted with up to three relics. Relics increase the item level of your weapon and empower some specific spells, too. It is interesting to farm the best relic for your spec! However, outside of what spell your relic empowers, you really need 3 of them, which explains the 3rd relic slot. When your first receive your Artifact Weapon at the end of the appropriate questline, it already has two slots available. The third slot is initially locked, but can be unlocked through another questline in the Order Hall Campaign. This questline takes a while to complete when you go through it for your first time. Luckily, our professional boosters have completed every possible Order Hall Campaign questline multiple times and can go through them quicker than anyone else! You can buy the 3rd relic slot service here.

What is Artifact Knowledge?

While you can get your first Artifact Weapon at level 98, Artifact Knowledge is not available until you reach level 110. To get Artifact Knowledge there is a quest that allows you to set up Research Work Orders for Artifact Knowledge. “Speaking the Wind” if you are a Shaman, or “Hitting the Books” for any other class. Once these quests are complete you can boost your Artifact Power level with Research Work Orders. You can have up to two Research Orders at a time. Artifact Knowledge is character specific, not account wide, but it can be brought to your alts thanks to specific tomes you can buy in your Order Hall!

Artifact Weapons and Artifact Knowledge are one of the major ways Legion bring Lore into the gaming experience. Reaching specific levels of Artifact Knowledge will reward you with tomes of knowledge with Lore about your Artifact. At level 1 you receive Part One of the Lore tome, at level 3 part two, at level 5 part three, at level 7 part four, at level 10 part five, at level 12 part six, at level 15 part 7, at level 18 part eight, at level 20 part nine, at level 23 part ten, and finally part eleven at level 25. With Patch 7.2 you are now able to go beyond level 25 Artifact Knowledge and go up to level 40. While it initially took 5 days to gain 1 level of Artifact Research, catch up mechanics make leveling Artifact Research easier if you come to it late or on your alts. The mechanic has also been introduced to your main character as well, which means a Research now takes 4 hours instead of a few days!

Artifact Knowledge allows you to gain more Artifact Power. To give you an idea of just how valuable Artifact Knowledge is: having Artifact Knowledge level 1 increases Artifact Power gains by 25%, while having Artifact Knowledge level 25 increases Artifact Power gains by 24,900%! The following graphic gives a detailed, level by level, account of the increase in Artifact Power gains.

WARNING! Whenever you earn Artifact Power, you gain an item in your bags you have to right click on, which disappears after its usage due to the Artifact Power increase. However, an Artifact Power item that is already in your bags will not give you more Artifact Power if you save it until your Knowledge increases. Therefore, there is no point hording your items that give Artifact Power. They cannot be retroactively boosted by Artifact Knowledge.

Why should you buy an Artifact Power boost?

If you do not have a leveled Artifact weapon, you will not have fun in World of Warcraft these days. You will deal less damage, heal less, have a smaller health pool. Most guilds require you to have a fully leveled up Artifact Weapon up to level 54 in order to raid with them through end game content. You also will not win any PvP battleground or Arena if your weapon is weaker than your opponents'. Farming your weapon's power can take a LONG TIME and we are here to farm as much Artifact Power as you want while you are offline.

How does an Artifact Power boost work?

  • Account Sharing: Since this is a Farming service we only offer it in Account Sharing. This means that you will share your Account with our boosters while they complete your order. While the booster is offline you are welcome to play, but bear in mind the more time you let our booster access your account, the faster the boost will go. We protect the security and privacy of your account with Safecarry.

  • Protection with Safecarry: Safecarry allows our Boosters to play your account and avoid an account lock, not letting you change your password when we log on - this is the BEST PROTECTION you can get! This way, Blizzard will NOT automatically detect the access from another computer to your account. The program is updated regularly to assure your protection and to reduce the risk of disqualifications (which would make you ineligible for PvP titles) as much as possible. Once you go through with your purchase, we will give you a client to download and install on your computer. This takes less than 5 seconds and only two clicks.

  • By Amount or by Package: Blazingboost offers you two major options when it comes to farming Artifact Power: by Amount or by Package. This page focuses on Artifact Power Farming by Amount. Artifact Power Packages are sold here

  • Current Artifact Knowledge Level: You need to give us your Artifact Knowledge Level because it significantly influences the amount of Artifact Power you can gain at a time. This in turn impacts how long the boost will take. The lower your Artifact Knowledge Level, the more the boost will cost.

  • Desired Artifact Power Increase: Tell us by how much you want us to increase your Artifact Power. Our Farming by Amount service allows you to pin point the exact amount of Artifact Power you want us to provide. The other option, Packages, allow you to customize your Artifact Power farming service for as many days as you want.

  • First contact: Once you have purchased the boost we get in contact with you to coordinate the finer details and give you an estimated time of completion of the boost. During this exchange, you will be given specific information about how the boost will proceed and how to secure your account with Safecarry. Other matters, such as what times suit your best for the boost, will also be discussed.

  • Constant Support: Once your purchase is complete we will contact you either on Skype or in our Chat to coordinate with you and finalise the details of the boost. Since the booster needs to be on your account we need to agree on times when the booster can access your account. While we do try to accommodate your own game time, please bear in mind that the more access you give to the booster the earlier you can resume full access to your account.

  • ETA: While we do offer an Estimated Time of Arrival for the completion of the AP boost (for example 1-3 days), the ETA varies according to how much time you allow the booster to be on the account. If you let the boosters do their thing, the boost will happen quickly. If you keep login onto your account while we are boosting it the boost will take longer. Refunds are guaranteed in case the actual completion exceeds the ETA by a considerable margin.

  • HANDMADE: Our boosters complete their services WITHOUT ANY BOTS. We have survived all the recent banwaves from Blizzard with NO REPERCUSSIONS on our customers whatsoever!

What are the extra Options?

  • Express: If you want the boost done as fast as possible choose this option. Our boosters will work overtime to complete the boost by the ETA. If we fail to meet the deadline you will be refunded the extra price you paid for this option.

  • Super Express: While the Express Option puts you to the top of the “to do” list, the Super Express Option means we will find a booster to start as soon as possible and they will use every trick up their sleeve to cut the ETA. If we fail to meet the deadline you will be refunded the extra price you paid for this option.

  • Do you use bots?

    NO! Our boosters complete their services BY HAND! BlazingBoost has survived all of Honorbuddy banwaves for a reason. We only assign farming services to players we can trust.

  • Is Artifact Power shared between all Artifact Weapons?

    No. Each Artifact Weapon you have has its own Artifact Power progression bar. Gaining Artifact Power on one weapon does not increase the Artifact Poer of your other weapons. BE CAREFUL you have the right Artifact Weapon equipped before using items that reward Artifact Power.

  • Do two part Artifact Weapons have 2 separate Artifact Power levels?

    No. Two part Artifact Weapons are considered as one artifact weapon.

  • What happens if I don’t have level 20 Artifact Knowledge?

    You will gain Artifact Power a lot slower than if you had, our boost will therefore last longer and cost you more.

  • Will you unlock Artifact Traits on my Artifact Weapon?

    Only if you ask us to. Considering the punitive price of resetting your Artifact Traits, our policy is to not unlock the Traits, unless you instruct us otherwise. If you want to use the Artifact Power in your own way to build up the weapon's traits to your preference, we will leave in your bags all the Artifact Power items we will earn. However, make sure you have bag space!

  • How do you reset Artifact Weapon traits?

    The price to pay is high, some might say too high to be worth it, but it is possible. Resetting your traits costs as much Artifact Power as your next Artifact Trait would cost in your Tree. Since the cost is so high it is usually considered not worth it. Furthermore, you will ultimately unlock every trait of your artifact weapon, so resetting is probably not the best solution. If you insist, you can reset by talking to the NPC next to the Artifact forge in your Order Hall.

  • Can I choose the boosting time?

    Yes, we will definitely do our best to accomodate any request, but keep in mind that doing so might slow down your boost as our booster might not available at the exact time you allow us / him to play.

  • What does “Duration” mean?

    Our duration defines our ideal deadline. If we say 1-3 days for example, your service could be completed within few hours of your purchase or 3 days, which is an extra fall back.

  • How can I have a discount?

    Discounts are given to returning customers thanks to their Blazing Points. 3% of what you purchase always becomes Blazing Points (1 BP = 1€) which you can use as discount for your future services. We also can offer discount codes in specific situations on our LiveChat, especially if you decide to buy a bundle of services. You can also find a list of discounted services here.

  • Do you allow refunds?

    Yes, we certainly guarantee you a refund in case we can’t complete the service for a fault of ours. Please check out our “WHY US” page in order to see that we are a registered company and that we have the legal responsibility of Your money. Terms and Conditions also explain everything of relevance for your refund guarantee. You will always be refunded the extra cost of Express or Super Express in case the service's duration is not properly reduced.

  • Who is going to boost me?

    We have a lot of dedicated farmers who are able to pick up an Artifact Power service and play almost with no break! They will do whatever they prefer to increase your Artifact Power as much as possible through PvE or PvP gameplay, possibly working over night if needed. We might also assign your service to good Arena players who prefer to farm Artifact Power through 3v3 wins! Who knows, you might have an extra rating boost as well. However, if you specifically want us to farm Artifact Power through Arenas, you should buy Arena Wins on the "Vicious Saddle" page; an Arena Rating boost (which will also give Artifact power, of course); or buy an Artifact Power service by amount with an extra cost that our Live Chat supporters can instruct you about.

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